Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is Yuge?

Yuge offers local and online shops a great way to visualize products with augmented reality on iPhone, Android and also on AR glasses.

2 Why Yuge?

It's pretty hard to visualise a new couch, a painting or any other piece of furniture in your appartment when you are looking for something new to buy. With Yuge you can now easily check out how it will look using our augmented reality camera. This way you can try it before you buy it.

3 How do I use Yuge?

Open the camera on a shop profile and the AR technology will start searching for a "plane". Once the plane is found you can place a product on it to see how it will look!

4 Where is Yuge available?

In 2016 Yuge launched in the great city of Barcelona with 600 shops in the first 3 months. In 2017 we added Amsterdam as our second city, followed by London, Berlin and Paris in 2018. This year we are also opening up in San Francisco and New York.

5 Do I have to pay for Yuge?

Nope, you don’t. Yuge is a totally FREE app. As a user of our app you don't have to pay nada.

6 On which devices does Yuge work?

Yuge works on all iPhone and Android devices that have been update with the latest software. The app works best on the iPhone X and Androids that have AR Core. We also have a super innovative app that works on the Vuzix Blade AR glasses.

7 Do I need to create a profile?

You can try out the AR camera without creating any profile. When you after that want the full experience you can still Sign Up.

8 Is there a city map with stores?

On the main interface of the app you will see all the shops per category. You can switch between the different cities and change shop categories. We also offer a city map to discover the shops when you are in town.

9 How do I save stores and items?

Press the heart on the top right of the cover photo to add a shop to your collections. All shops you love will go to the “Collections” section where you will also find your saved items as well as your pictures.

10 How to find the location of a store?

Go to the Map to get an overview of all shops in your surrounding. User Tip: tap and hold the cover photo of a shop and you will see an animation of all products.

11 The name Yuge?

Yuge is New York slang for “Huge”, which of course means big. We want to have a big impact for local shops. And... we just thought it was a pretty cool name :-)