Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is Yuge?

Yuge is an awesome curated list of the nicest independent shops, galleries, boutiques, pop-up stores and other trendy hotspots of two of Europe's most charming and Rocking cities. Barcelona and now also Amsterdam. You can find it all on Yuge. Switch back and forward between the cities via the city switch on Settings.

2 Where is Yuge available?

In 2016 Yuge launched in the great metropolitan city of Barcelona. This year we just added Amsterdam as our second city. So, if you are planning a trip to Barcelona or Amsterdam then you should definitely download the app in advance to know exactly where to go once you hit the city. If you are a local and want to stay on top of your game, then Yuge is an absolute must have!

3 How many shops are on Yuge?

At this moment more than 600 shops in the city centre of Barcelona are part of the Yuge platform. There are many shops to discover in every neighbourhood of the city. Like for example the Gothic quarter, El Born, Eixample, Barceloneta, Gracia, Raval or Sarria. Every place has it’s own character and unique shops. Amsterdam already has 75 shops during launch, going fast!

4 What does the name Yuge mean?

Yuge is New York slang for “Huge”, which of course means big. We want to have a big impact for the small shops. Combining them all together onto one platform making them Yuuuge.

5 Do I have to pay for Yuge?

Nope, you don’t. Yuge is a totally FREE app. You can go to the Google Market or the App store and get the app for free.

6 On which devices does Yuge work?

Yuge is a mobile app especially handcrafted for Android and iPhone devices. Yuge also runs on Web. The Web app is customised to be used on mobile devices and works very nice but we highly recommend you to download one of the app’s because it will give you many more features and has the best experience.

7 Do I need to create a profile to use Yuge?

No, forget about passwords, logins and public profiles. Simply register with your phone number and you are ready to go.

8 When do I use Yuge?

We built the app in such a way that you can have a quick and great overview of all hotspots Barcelona and Amsterdam have to offer when you are at home chilling on your coach. Browse through all the different shop lists or let our intelligent system recommend you special products before planning your city trip. You can also use Yuge on the fly while walking in the city. The map suggests you all shops that are around you so that you can quickly find your way.

9 How do the shop categories work?

The first section of the app gives you lists of all the shops per category. You can slide through all categories and browse the shops any by one. Tapping the cover-photo of a shop you like will bring you directly to the full shop overview. Here you will see many more products of the shop and all other required shop information.

10 How do I save the shops and products I particularly like?

When you are on a shop profile you can add this shop to your favourite shops list by pressing the heart on the top right side. All the shops you love will then be added to the “Me” section, which is the second tab of the app. There you will also find the list of products you favourited by pressing the star on any product page.

11 I love to be surprised. Does the app have something for that?

Ohh yes. The third tab in the app brings you to the “Surprise” section. This is a product feed that will bring you products that match your personal interests and gets smarter while you use it. Simply swipe left if you don’t like a product or swipe right to favourite the product. You can customise your product feed by going to the upper right switch where you can activate the product categories you like.

12 How to find the location of a store?

The fourth and most right tab on the app will open the Map. The Map will adjust for your position or you can select a different position and it will give you all the shops in your surrounding. Sliding through the list on the bottom of the Map gives you a quick impression of shops in your neighbourhood. Simply tab on the cover photo of the shop and you will go to the full shop overview.

13 Btw, how does Yuge know which shops and products are close to me?

Yuge uses your GPS location to understand which shops are nearest to your location. Be aware to use a fresh GPS signal to have the best user experience. If the Map is not working then probably your GPS signal is not active. Then go to phone Settings and enable your GPS.

14 Why Yuge?

Yuge is here to help and support the independent shops. Independent shops have a hard time competing with big brands and retail chains. In many cases these family shops have been in the city center for many generations but are now - one by one - being pushed out. We believe that independent shops form a fundamental part of the city, it's character, energy, culture and identity. Losing these characteristic shops would irreversibly change any inner city for good. At Yuge we want to play a role in preserving the authenticity of historic cities for many more generations to come.

15 How can I get a Yuge sticker?

Show your love for the local merchant with a Yuge sticker. Yuge stickers are about the coolest thing you can get :-) Drop us a mail at and we will send you some for you and your friends.